We realise that deer management can be a controversial issue, but deer at high densities can and do have a negative impact on their own environment.

We work with input from land owners, game keepers and foresters. This helps us form a management plan to bring the current population in-line with all other related land use. We aim to preserve a well-balanced population, creating a renewable resource with an appropriate maintenance cull being taken annually. Helping to keep natural regeneration, leader damage, fraying and crop damage to an acceptable level.

Deer damage & impacts.

The above images show browse lines and the heavy impact of Fallow deer. Note the lack of ground cover/flora. 

Images of Roe buck fraying.

No deer present.

All stalking activities are carried out to Deer Initiative Best Practice and BASC Guidelines. We create feed/mineral sites and deer lawns where appropriate, helping to ease the problem of deer damage. We erect any number of high seats required to assist with census and cull work. We use a number of trail cameras to help us build a picture and monitor deer densities. This, coupled with thermal imaging deer counts and constant monitoring of the ground, arms us with the necessary information so we can propose a deer management plan and course of action.

We try to keep venison sales local to the area, thereby contributing to local businesses and the community.

Keith’s High Seats Ltd and any field operator provided by us are fully experienced with the management of all six species of wild deer in the UK. They are trained to the minimum standard of DMQ Level 1, operating for private land owners, estates, forestry, SSSI sites and sporting agents.


  • DMQ Level 1
  • DMQ Level 2
  • Large Game Handling
  • Approved Witness (BASC Assessment Centre)
  • FAA Level 3 First Aid
  • FAA Level 2 Health & Safety
  • FAA Level 2 Manual Handling


Deer Open Seasons (England & Wales)

Fallow Bucks – 1st August – 30th April
Fallow Does – 1st November – 31st March
Roe Bucks – 1st April – 31st October
Roe Does – 1st November – 31st March
Muntjac Bucks – No Season
Muntjac Does – No Season
Chinese Water Deer (Buck & Does) – 1st November – 31st March

Trophy Deer

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